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Korn Law Office (KLO) and Korn Legal and Consulting (KLC) are family owned companies and offer the highest quality services to all of its clients in three major areas of expertise: Legal advisory, Business & Financial consultancy and Executive search.

KLO's focal points of Legal Advisory activities are the following:

  • Company law
  • Real Estate law
  • Law of contracts
  • Tax law

KLO advises and represents its clients in contract negotiations and procedures before courts and authorities. In addition to the legal advisory, we also support our clients with versatile Business & Financial advice concerning investments, development, strategy and joint ventures. These include, but are not limited to real estate development and investments, project financing, and business development.

KLC is a recognized and experienced executive search service provider. We focus on searches in the Marketing, Sales, Finance, HR, and Legal mid- and top level management and have been providing services in the FMCG, Advertising&Media and Pharmaceutical sectors. Our business network spans across Central Europe, including major multinational companies, foreign investors, and internationally acknowledged executive search partners.