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Years ago when I set up my own company I had expected everything to be wonderful. I was sitting in my nice new office, I was independent, and I managed to board new clients very quickly. I remember feeling that this is it, this is what I have really wanted to be doing for years. 

But something was not right. I loved my job, which was executive search that I have been doing since 2005, but over time it became quite a routine. I found myself wanting more and I wanted to evolve my expertise. This ‘more’, however, required change and change is not my thing. I am more comfortable in stability than pushing the revolving door and taking chances. I do not like moving homes, changing my beloved car and likewise, until I set up my own company, changing my employer never crossed my mind. Change is uncertain, while stability gives me the feeling of security. 

I had a rough idea of what ‘more’ I wanted to do, however, it took me a year to decide and to make the first step towards it: to pursue my goal, to become a coach. Questions echoed in my head: am I going to be good enough; will I be able to add value to others’ career and life choices, how will I stand out from the overcrowded market of coaches, am I going to be trusted by my clients, can I earn the income that I want, and will I be able to allocate enough time besides family to build up a new business? I am used to being a successful executive search professional, but to begin again, to start all over, that required confidence, courage and stamina.  I was not sure I have it all.  

 At last, I gave it a go. Why? I could not be present with my family. I was always distracted by thinking of whether coaching would truly fit me and analyzing pros and cons. The constant noise in my head had to stop. 

Then during a few hot and quiet summer weeks at a lakeside, I dedicated some time to thoroughly explore coaching as a profession and I realized coaching is just perfect for me: it is about connecting and communicating with people, listening to them, supporting and inspiring them to try something new that contributes to their progress. These are the things what I do the best and that I like the most about executive search. So I enrolled to a coach training right away.

I found that it is not as easy as I imagined. I had to turn my ten plus year old consultant attitude of telling clients what to do to coach attitude of supporting clients to use their own resources to uncover their unique solutions. Also, going to school for one and a half years and building a new business required a lot of time that was sometimes difficult to devote besides maintaining my family life. It helped a lot that I fell in love with coaching so nothing could hold me back. 

Very soon I realized what I gained: a new profession that motivates me, gives me new perspectives, fills me with curiosity, joy and excitement, for which I am happy to start the day and move extra energies to make it work. I am continuously expanding my knowledge and I develop myself. I feel that I am doing something meaningful, I am creating value and there is greater sense in what I am doing. This all came from a scary change but it was definitely worth it! 

I want you to overcome your uncertainties and experience all these amazing gains with me! I have created the 'CAREER MASTERY' PROGRAM for you to make your change as smooth, risk-free and fearless as possible. It covers all aspects of your career transformation, from finding out what you want to do - through applications and interviewing - to become the best version of you. It provides you a timeline making the process more predictable and manageable. I am by your side, every step of the way and whenever you need it!

  • My coaching supports you to find your new career path, go from good to great, and to work towards performing on your highest level.
  • With my career consultancy services you can build a strong personal brand as a job seeker to successfully face the challenges of an extremely competitive job market. 
  • As an executive search professional I search for and screen exceptional talents for major multinational companies and SMEs. I know what they are looking for and I can help you to be the one they want badly!
Change can be daunting, but I know how to walk you through it and welcome the change!

If you want to know more about my 'CAREER MASTERY' PROGRAM, click on  'Why choose me' in the menu!


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I have been working as an executive search professional since 2005. After graduating from Corvinus University of Budapest, I began my career at an American owned boutique executive search firm based in Budapest, where I was in charge of supervising and executing middle and top level management searches. I have performed numerous projects for well-known multinational companies, SMEs and major international law firms in the field of Marketing, Sales, Finance, HR, Logistics, Legal, Production/Manufacturing and high-level Administrative areas. I have solid experience in industries like Advertising & Media and FMCG, and managing CE region wide searches, as I have successfully concluded assignments in Hungary, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Romania.  

After reviewing thousands of poorly written resumes and conducting several unsuccessful job interviews, where even the most promising candidates were unable to present their qualities, I have realized the importance of providing career consultancy services: writing an appealing resume to get invitation for the job interview and being completely prepared for the interview. Appearance, attitude, communication, your answers and questions asked all define whether you will get the job, or not. Being aware of the current job market situation and salary levels are also crucial, as well as creating your LinkedIn profile in a way that shines out from the crowd. 

In 2018, a few years after my son was born, I wished to turn towards a more transformative, supportive and people-focused profession: coaching. During interviewing middle and top level managers for many years, I have gained confidence in finding common voice with various kinds of personalities and the ability of opening them up. It impresses me how coaching focuses on your future well-being and it provides valuable support to find solution for the challenges surfacing during the coaching process. I am dedicated to work in partnership with you and to recognize the potential you possess through creative and thought-provoking discussions. My intention is to inspire you to resolve matters with communication and use your own powerful resources to find your unique way of making a step forward in your growth process. I am devoted to create trustworthy and supportive connection with you to be able to develop and make the most of you. 

I am an International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited business coach, working along international coaching standards. I have obtained ACC (Associate Certified Coach) certification.

I am native in Hungarian and fluent in English. I provide all my services in both languages.



My mission is to support you in your change process to reach your goal, no matter how long it takes and how difficult it is.

My core values

  • Transformational and sustainable development 
  • Bravery to change
  • Personal accountability
  • Being present
  • Partnership
  • Celebrate success
  • Excellence
  • Quality
  • Professionalism
  • Hard work


Career and Executive Coaching

If you want to go from good to great. Through inspirational, creative and thought-provoking discussions you can maximize your personal and professional potential!


Career consultancy

Composing an appealing resume and LinkedIn profile, making a difference at a job interview, knowing the salary you can ask for and the nuances of the current job market. - Are you master of these?


Executive search

“Great vision without great people is irrelevant.’” (Jim Collins). Finding top talents and attracting them to join your company to build your success can be difficult. Make it easier!

Why choose me - The ’Career Mastery’ program

Why choose me - The ’Career Mastery’ program

My expertise includes an exceptional combination of being a company owner, coach and executive search professional, allowing me to fully understand the challenges of the corporate environment and entrepreneurship, on both corporate and individual level. I have solid job market and recruitment knowledge with widespread network, and competent coaching skills to guide you to reach your own and your company’s full potential. 

I know what it means to

  • Deliver results all the time
  • Communicate with impact
  • Always meet the expectations
  • Build and effectively manage your team 
  • Delegate tasks 
  • Manage your time efficiently 
  • Meet tight deadlines 
  • Handle conflicts, stress, failures and successes 
  • Continuously develop your knowledge, competences and skills 
  • Be pro-active  
  • Stay motivated
  • Avoid burnout
  • Create and maintain your work-life balance 
  • Deal with the pressure

With coaching, I support you to overcome and excel these challenges, and others you might face at your company to perform on the highest level, live a better life, and thus, contribute to your company to flourish. I coach management professionals with both multinational corporate and entrepreneur background and I have years of leadership experience. 

Having managed executive searches since 2005, I know what is eye-catching in your resume and LinkedIn profile for your future employer, what the 'good' answers are even for the most delicate job interview questions and what level of compensation you can ask for. I am aware of the current job market situation and where you can find and how you can get the job you want. 

I strategically support multinational companies and SMEs with their middle and top management level searches to be able to hire the best professionals available in the market. I have an excellent comprehension of what kind of experience and skills the various fields and positions require in the corporate world. I have several years of trustworthy relationships with many returning clients and candidates with compelling success stories. 

Establishing trusted relationships, communicating with people, connecting to and listening to them, inspiring them to try something new that contributes to their progress are what I do the best. I developed these skills to high level during the years. I can notice the hidden signs of how you sabotage yourself and I can point out unnoticed connections to provide you new perspectives and the possibility to discover your yet unseen self. These are essential to be a better version of you, avoid disappointments, or even to make a triumphant career change. 

With my complex 'CAREER MASTERY' PROGRAM, you can give a fearless boost to your career transformation journey. It includes 

  • Finding your new career path with career coaching 

If you pursue your career goals at a company: 

  • Re-designing your resume and LinkedIn profile according to the result of the career coaching including job interview preparation 
  • Presenting your material to recruitment partners and potential employers (without placement guarantee) 
  • Supporting your probation period with coaching to facilitate integration
  • Providing continuous support to be able to shine out and overcome any obstacles you may meet at your new workplace

If you want to set up your own business:

  • Creating your personal brand as entrepreneur 
  • Supporting your start-up period with coaching to defeat any difficulties that might arise, especially if having an own business is new to you
  • Assuring you continuous support to advance yourself to be able to prosperously lead your own company

Clients told

‘Adrienn has helped me on my way by her active listening and insightful questions. I value her observations shared. She is an attentive audience and helps to unveil the topics and issues with sharp questions.’
(Career coaching client)
‘Coaching can be a life changing experience and I would recommend it to anyone to try.’
(Career coaching client)
'I came to know Adrienn as an attentive coach. She helped me to get to know myself (although I never dreamt that there is anything hidden I have not been aware of). She got me to think deeply about myself and motivated me to change my ways that keep me from becoming successful in my job. She has also significantly improved my confidence and attitude as well. I’d recommend her to anyone sincerely!’
(Executive coaching client)
‘’Adrienn is a role-model of professionalism and empathy. She helped me with her vast experience to make my hard decision about changing my career after a decade. She has been an excellent advisor and added real value with her questions and ideas. She helped me to rethink and restructure my resume and my LinkedIn profile also for a higher quality presence in the labour market. Her direction to me was extremely helpful during the whole process.’’
(Career consultancy client)
She has been a great partner/recruitment consultant to HR, attentive to details, reliable, customer focused and very supportive. It was a pleasure working with her.’
(Executive search client)
Adrienn presents 'high-quality services' and generates 'enjoyable and trustworthy atmosphere during the whole selection process.'
(Executive search candidate)

I am discrete and fully aware and respect the sensitive nature of my services. Due to confidentiality issues, I do not share any client names. If you wish to know some of my clients that are not highly confidential, contact me!

Social Media mint hatékony álláskeresési eszköz


Social Media mint hatékony álláskeresési eszköz

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