Korn Law Office (KLO) is a family owned company that offers top quality services to its clients in two major areas: legal advisory and business & financial consultancy. 

KLO's focal points of Legal Advisory activities are the following:

  • Corporate Law
  • Real Estate Law
  • Contract Law 
  • Tax law

We advise and represent our clients in various phases of business and law - inter alia - contract negotiations, court procedure, proceedings before authorities, contract and other legal document drafting and follow-up processes. In addition to the legal advisory, we also support our clients with versatile business & financial advices concerning investments, asset development, strategy and joint ventures. These include, but are not limited to real estate development and investments, and project financing.


KLO was founded in 1991, and has since became a flourishing and successful family run enterprise, owned and managed by the funding partners ever since. After it has begun its operations, the law office had the opportunity to participate in the privatization of municipality-owned real estate assets enabled by changes in the legal regulations regarding real estate ownership rights. Simultaneously, KLO was also successful in building its stable clientele, which granted secure business operations throughout the next decade. From 2002, the law office was involved in the development of the Hungarian highway-system. This mandate lasted until 2010, and made KLO one of the largest domestically owned law offices in Hungary. Since 2010, the law office has opened its operations in the private sector, working for international financial investors, real estate developers, and local enterprises from various fields of businesses. 
Besides these we are successfully operating in finding financial support for both bankable and non-bankable projects for real estate developments, technological start-ups, and other innovative ideas. With our help clients are able to engage agreements that are more favourable than the market average both in terms of requirements and cost of financing.

The owners are not only skilled and qualified lawyers and entrepreneurs, but they are - just like our clients - successful businessmen and investors in other businesses and projects, i.e. real estate, hospitality and entertainment, sports and automotive. Our investments and projects keep us up to date on the market and we understand the business and investment rationale of our clients, which distinguishes us from most firms.

Korn Legal & Consulting provides various management consultancy services. Follow the link to take a look at our Career & Executive coaching, Career consulting and Executive search business lines! www.dankoadrienn.hu

Our mission

Our mission is to offer our most sincere contribution to our clients’ success in order to find the best possible solutions for their requests and challenges at an affordable and justified fee.

Our expertise

We specialize in classic civil law: real estate, business organization and court representation in particular. Besides the aforementioned, we also provide tailored business and financial advisory, where our own investor experience helps us to stay up-to- date and rational, whilst aiming for the best possible scenario for our clients. Our prominent experience with local municipalities and state owned companies ensures that we can serve micro- to medium size, and also larger businesses confidently including personal representation in proceedings and negotiations.

Why choose me?


Being investors and employers ourselves, we honestly and completely understand the needs and challenges of our clients. We offer competitive advantage unlike others ensuring that you, our clients always receive swift response and tailored solutions to exactly match your business purposes. Our services are exclusive in every way to suit even the most rigorous expectations. A definite advantage of being a legal, business & financial advisory firm is that we are always up-to-date with all legal and accounting/bookkeeping laws and regulations, which is an added value to our clients.

Our team

Dr. Sándor Korn

Dr. Sándor Korn

Owner of the law office, Managing Partner, Business and financial advisor

Sándor received his BA in Business Studies from International Business School Budapest - Oxford Brookes University and his law degree from ELTE, Faculty of Law. Since the end of the 1990’s he has been an active entrepreneur and investor, and he is also practicing as a lawyer since his graduation in 2004. Besides civil law, his major focus turned toward procedural law, contractual law, taxation, real estate law, company law, and court representation. His clientele includes mainly major international banks with world-wide presence, multinational real estate development companies, culinary enterprises, sport management corporations and domestic business enterprises with a diverse list of business activities. Taking advantage of his business education and several years of experience gained as a businessman, he also provides financial and taxation advisory services. He is also a visiting lecturer in civil law and business law at ELTE University of Science, and International Business School Budapest – Oxford Brookes University. Sándor is fluent in English in addition to his native Hungarian.

korn.sandor@drkorn.hu, sandor.korn@klc.co.hu
+36 70 338 29 18

Dr. Sarolta Lovász

Dr. Sarolta Lovász


Sarolta obtained her cum laude law degree from University of Miskolc, Faculty of Law, in 2003. She joined the law firm right after her graduation. Sarolta is an experienced attorney-at-law in corporate law, real estate law, civil law, contractual law, family and marital law and court representation. She also has thorough knowledge of inheritance, social and guardian services,  voluntary winding-up and liquidation. Sarolta is known by KLO’s clients as an accurate and bright lawyer, providing exceptional-quality services with a well-grounded theoretical background of the various legal fields indicated. 



Dr. Sándor Korn

Owner of the law office,
Managing Partner,
Business and financial advisor

+36 70 338 29 18

21/b Hollán Ernő str. 1136 Budapest, Hungary