Career consultancy

Career consultancy

Everyone can write a resume. Most probably you also wrote yours in the past. When you are looking for a new job currently, you refresh it a bit, add your latest experiences, and you can easily find universal guidelines on the internet to do so. But will it be enough to be invited for the job interview and get the job of your life? If your answer is ’No’ to any of these questions below, ask for an offer!

  • Is your resume customized?
  • Does it stand out and shine?
  • Can you communicate why you are the perfect choice for your future employer?
  • Are your career breaks and career changes all well explained?
  • Do you have a professional profile picture in your resume? 
  • Is it styled to express your personality and career goal, but at the same time is it in harmony with the industry standards that you (wish to) work in?

Online presence

Online presence

Your online presence is as important as your resume. Your LinkedIn profile should differentiate you from the thousand other professionals in your field, represent you, show the value you can bring to your new workplace, enlighten your background in a summarized and convincing manner and attract your future potential employers.

Is your LinkedIn profile like this? 

Job interview

Job interview

If you managed to grab the attention of your future employer, the job interview is the next key step toward your desired career. You only have the first few minutes to perform; therefore, making a powerful first impression is essential. You have to be brilliant and unforgettable to successfully compete in today’s fierce job market. You need competitive advantage by enhancing your interviewing technique. It can raise your chances to get your dream job. 
Rehearsing the job interview can help you to perform under pressure, discover what you do, or you do not do during the interview that you are unaware of, and learn your weaknesses, even if you are an experienced interviewee.

My interview rehearsal service includes:

  • One-on-one interview session with prompt feedback
  • Discussion of how to answer the interview questions most efficiently and how to respond to unexpected questions 
  • Assessment  of your verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Providing advice to be able to sell yourself as a personal brand, even if you do not have the necessary experience for the job

Knowing your own company does not mean you know all the others. Being familiar with the salary levels and current job market is also vital when you are being interviewed. You could be surprised about the new trends and best practices in the market.  If you want to master your job search, contact me!


Career and Executive Coaching

If you want to go from good to great. Through inspirational, creative and thought-provoking discussions you can maximize your personal and professional potential!


Executive search

“Great vision without great people is irrelevant.’” (Jim Collins). Finding top talents and attracting them to join your company to build your success can be difficult. Make it easier!


Clients told

‘Adrienn has helped me on my way by her active listening and insightful questions. I value her observations shared. She is an attentive audience and helps to unveil the topics and issues with sharp questions.’
(Career coaching client)
‘Coaching can be a life changing experience and I would recommend it to anyone to try.’
(Career coaching client)
'I came to know Adrienn as an attentive coach. She helped me to get to know myself (although I never dreamt that there is anything hidden I have not been aware of). She got me to think deeply about myself and motivated me to change my ways that keep me from becoming successful in my job. She has also significantly improved my confidence and attitude as well. I’d recommend her to anyone sincerely!’
(Executive coaching client)
‘’Adrienn is a role-model of professionalism and empathy. She helped me with her vast experience to make my hard decision about changing my career after a decade. She has been an excellent advisor and added real value with her questions and ideas. She helped me to rethink and restructure my resume and my LinkedIn profile also for a higher quality presence in the labour market. Her direction to me was extremely helpful during the whole process.’’
(Career consultancy client)
She has been a great partner/recruitment consultant to HR, attentive to details, reliable, customer focused and very supportive. It was a pleasure working with her.’
(Executive search client)
Adrienn presents 'high-quality services' and generates 'enjoyable and trustworthy atmosphere during the whole selection process.'
(Executive search candidate)

I am discrete and fully aware and respect the sensitive nature of my services. Due to confidentiality issues, I do not share any client names. If you wish to know some of my clients that are not highly confidential, contact me!

Social Media mint hatékony álláskeresési eszköz


Social Media mint hatékony álláskeresési eszköz

02 May 2024

Legtöbbünk magánélete során használja a social mediát, páldául Facebookot, LinkedInt, Instát, de a social media sokkal több tud lenni annál, mint hogy a nyári fotóinkat osszuk meg a barátainkkal, vagy hogy eladjuk a kinőtt babaruhát. A cégek nagy része használja a social mediát, amikor új alkalmazottat szeretne felvenni: itt hirdeti meg az állást vagy megnézi a leendő új munkatárs profilját. Álláskeresőként is érdemes használni ezt a platformot. Nemcsak állásokat találhatunk itt, hanem használhatjuk networkingre, megoszthatjuk ismerőseinkkel az állásváltásra való nyitottságunkat és építhetjük a személyes brandünket.

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