Our team

Dr. Sándor Korn Dr. Sándor Korn

Owner and Managing Partner of KLO

Sándor received his BA in Business Studies from International Business School Budapest - Oxford Brookes University and his law degree from ELTE, Faculty of Law. Since the end of the 1990’s he has been an active entrepreneur and investor, and he is also practicing as a lawyer since his graduation in 2004. Besides civil law, his major focus turned toward procedural law, contractual law, taxation, real estate law, company law, and court representation. His clientele includes mainly major international banks with world-wide presence, multinational real estate development companies, culinary enterprises, sport management corporations and domestic business enterprises with a diverse list of business activities. Taking advantage of his business education and several years of experience gained as a businessman, he also provides Financial and Taxation advisory services. He is also a visiting lecturer in civil law and business law at Corvinus University of Budapest, ELTE University of Science, and International Business School Budapest – Oxford Brookes University. Sándor is fluent in English in addition to his native Hungarian.

E-mail: korn.sandor@drkorn.hu
Mobile: +36 70 338 29 18

Ms. Adrienn Dankó Ms. Adrienn Dankó

Managing Director and Executive search Business Unit Director of KLC

Adrienn obtained her MsC in International Business and Economics from Corvinus University of Budapest. After her graduation in 2005, she immediately began her career at an American owned Executive recruitment company in Budapest. She was responsible for leading and executing mid- and top level management searches with an outstanding success rate. In the field of Marketing, Sales, Finance, HR, Legal, Production/Manufacturing and high-level Administrative areas she has supervised and performed numerous projects for multinational companies and major international law firms. She has built significant network and major knowledge in industries like Advertising&Media, and Pharmaceutical. She is also expert in FMCG. She has effectively concluded assignments in Hungary, Croatia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Romania, and has expertise and experience in managing CE region wide searches.  Adrienn is native in Hungarian and fluent in English. Based on the opinion of clients and candidates, Adrienn presents 'high-quality services' and generates 'enjoyable and trustworthy atmosphere during the whole selection process'.

E-mail: adrienn.danko@klc.co.hu
Mobile: +36 70 310 82 59

Dr. Nóra Megyesi Dr. Nóra Megyesi

Senior Associate

Nóra obtained her cum laude law degree from University of Miskolc, Faculty of Law, in 2002. She joined KLO right after her graduation. In line with the profile of the law firm, Nóra is an experienced lawyer in the field of civil law, corporate law, contractual law, real estate law, family and marital law and court representation. In addition, she also has solid understanding of voluntary winding-up and liquidation, inheritance, and social and guardian services. Nóra is known by the firm’s clients as a precise and quick-minded lawyer, providing high-quality advice with a well-based theoretical knowledge of the various legal fields mentioned.

E-mail: megyesi.nora@drkorn.hu

Dr. Edina Pandzarisz Dr. Edina Pandzarisz

Junior Associate

Edina graduated from Károli Gáspár University, Faculty of Law, with cum laude law degree in 2014. Prior to her legal studies, she worked as a Criminal Examiner at the Pest County Police Department, and after finishing her University studies, she started working as Legal Assistant at the National Security Service. Later on, she joined the National Tax and Customs Administration of Hungary as Legal Clerk. In addition to the aforementioned, she also gained experience in the field of healthcare law to broaden her skillset. In 2016 she joined KLO and contributes to our civil law and company law engagements.

E-mail: pandzarisz.edina@drkorn.hu