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Our history

KLO was founded in 1991, and has become a flourishing and successful family run enterprise, still owned and managed by the funding partners. After the establishment, KLO had the opportunity to take part in the privatization of the real estate assets of the municipalities, following the changes in the legal regulations regarding real estate ownership rights. Parallel to this, KLO was successful in building up a stable clientele, which granted secure business operations throughout the next decade. From 2002 KLO was involved in the expropriation in favour of the development of the highway system of Hungary. This mandate lasted until 2010, and made KLO one of the largest domestically owned law offices in Hungary. Since 2010, KLO increased its operations in the private sector, working for international financial investors, real estate developers, and local enterprises from various fields of businesses.
The Executive search business unit was established based on our belief that the most important success factor to any business enterprise is to have the right people on board; professionals, who are eager and motivated to understand what the clients need, and are able to address how the clients may reach their purpose and goal and to give their all to succeed together.
We do believe and also do practice our motto:

“Great vision without great people is irrelevant” - Jim Collins -

The owners are not only skilled and qualified lawyers and entrepreneurs, but they are – just like our clients - successful businessmen and investors in other businesses and projects, i.e. real estate, hospitality and entertainment, sports and automotive. Our investments and projects keep us up to date on the market and we understand the business and investment rationale of our clients, which distinguishes us from most firms.

Our mission

Our mission is to offer our most sincere contribution to our clients in order to find the best possible solutions for their requests and challenges and to do so in an efficient and reasonably priced manner.

Our expertise

Our Legal and Business & Financial counselling specializes in classical civil law fields, particularly in real estate, business organization and court representation. Besides the classic legal activities, we provide tailored business and financial advisory to our partners, where our own investor experience helps us to stay up-to- date and rational, whilst aiming for the best possible scenario for our clients. The past and present clientele ensures prominent experience in cooperation with local municipalities and state owned companies just as well as micro to medium size businesses and personal representation.

Our Executive search service line targets finding mid- and top level Managers for our clients. We are discreet and understand and respect the sensitive nature of this service and have earned the trust and acknowledgement of our partners, of which we are proud. Our Executive search Business Unit Director, Ms. Adrienn Dankó has over 10 years practice in the executive placement industry, gaining thorough experience in the field of Marketing, Sales, Finance, HR, Legal and Production placed positions. She has built a significant and widespread network in FMCG, Advertising&Media, and Pharmaceutical sectors and her clientele includes major and well-known multinational companies.

Why choose us

Being investors and employers in various fields of businesses ourselves, we do fully and completely understand the needs and challenges of our clients. We offer competitive advantage compared to our competitors securing that our clients always receive swift response and tailor solutions to exactly match the needs of the project. Our services are exclusive in every way to suit even the most rigorous Business & Financial consultancy and Executive search expectations. We know the words difficult and impossible and aim to challenge their existence every single day. We are aware of the constantly changing workforce market and environment both domestically and in the Central European region. A definite advantage of being a Law Office and an Executive Placement Firm in one is that we are always up-to- date with all legal and accounting-bookkeeping laws and regulations, which is an added value to our clients.