Career and Executive Coaching

Career and Executive Coaching

Coaching is partnering with you in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires you to maximize your personal and professional potential. As an International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited ACC (Associate Certified Coach) certified business coach, I follow the ICF’s Code of Ethics ( and work based on its core competencies ( These were developed to support greater understanding about the skills and approaches used within the coaching profession and to ensure the highest level of quality you can get. Coaching based on the core competencies results pure coaching, that makes possible for you to reach your goal set for the coaching process and, thus, grow. During the coaching sessions I do not do consultancy, mentoring, therapy or training. I do not tell you what’s and how’s since you have all the answers. They just have not been brought up to the surface yet. Future solutions are in the focus, not the past. I am certain you are creative and resourceful to change and develop. I encourage you for self-discovery, and support you to unlock your possibilities and perform on the highest level.

I provide Career and Executive coaching services for organizations and individuals.

Career coaching

Career coaching

There are certain points in your career, when you wish to, or have to do something different. It can happen you can see your goal and the required steps toward it very clearly, but sometimes you cannot sort out what you really want to do next, or the means to realize your objective. Ideas may come and go but none of them seem to be the best, or all of them look great and you cannot choose. You are constantly thinking, but you get nowhere. You also might be afraid of the change, and you may need a professional to accompany you through the transition. 

My career coaching service could provide answer for your dilemmas in relation to 

  • Career change 
  • Self-confidence
  • Self-awareness 
  • Defining long term career goals and the steps to accomplish them
  • Whether being an entrepreneur, or changing to a different position, profession, company or industry is your path
  • If you know your values and skills that are critical for you at a workplace or as a company owner to succeed

I am here to support you to realize your best potential. You spend the majority of your lifetime with working. It is vital to dedicate that time to a career you love and have a positive impact on your life!

You need career coaching if you feel the need for change but you do not know how to move forward. If you are considering transforming your career, you must be aware of what serves you the best and what it takes to evade failure. You definitely have your own and unique career path that we could find together! You can get a measurable, solution-focused, cost efficient and fast way to make the change, and vanquish your uncertainties and fears. I look forward to supporting you with inspirational discussions to achieve anything you desire in your career! 

To fully enhance your career makeover, click on ’Why choose me’ in the menu and check out my 'CAREER MASTERY' PROGRAM!

Executive coaching

Executive coaching

Executive coaching has a great impact on leaders, and, thus, their teams and the whole organization can enjoy sustainable change in a solution-focused, cost efficient, rapid and measurable way, influencing the future results and growth of both the leader and the company. It has an impact on employee engagement and retention allowing organizations to flourish. It is an excellent tool to improve your leadership competence and help building stronger firms. How? It can be the source of deep and long-term change that transforms your perspective and performance. 

You may wish to 

  • Boost your performance
  • Improve your leadership, communication, reasoning and interpersonal skills 
  • Increase your self-awareness and self-confidence 
  • Develop your Emotional Intelligence 
  • Enhance your resilience 
  • Lead with greater influence
  • Effectively manage and motivate your team 
  • Delegate better 
  • Facilitate more efficient interactions within your team 
  • Advance commitment to accountability 
  • Think more strategically
  • Achieve better work-life balance
  • Smooth transition to a new role

I can support you to realize these objectives, and even more!

If your future aim is to be accepted to a leader position, if you want to commit everything to get it and you want to ensure you are going to be astonishing and make an impact in your new role, let us work on your personal growth to get what you want! Even you are not a leader yet, I listen to you, support you and work with you to become a great one shortly. Your preparation cannot start soon enough!

The coaching process

Coaching processes usually cover a two- or three month period including at least six sessions. Sessions are offered in person or online, or both. They are available in my 13th district office or on-site at your company.

It is crucial to choose a coach who you trust. It is also a must to know if you need coaching, or some other tool. I advise and direct you to other professionals if we do not have the right fit, or you require any other services such as therapy or training. Beside Korn Legal & Consulting, I am the founding member and member of the management of CONTINUUM COACHING consulting company, where my coach and psychologist colleagues are fully at your disposal as well. 

Coaching process with individuals: 

  • Personal meeting with you to see if we have personal fit
  • If required, a half-day initial assessment to deeply understand your personal and professional situation and current environment
  • One-on-one coaching sessions to work on your developmental needs toward the main goal of the process

Coaching process contracted with organizations: 

  • Meeting the HR to have an idea of the corporate environment, then meeting the leader for a short introduction to check personal fit
  • If required, meeting the leader’s supervisor together with the leader to set the main target for the coaching process 
  • If required, a half-day initial assessment to deeply understand the leader’s personal and professional situation and current environment
  • One-on-one coaching sessions to work on the leader’s individual developmental and leadership needs toward the main goal of the process
  • Post-coaching meeting with the leader, together with the leader’s supervisor, if required, to measure improvement


Career consultancy

Composing an appealing resume and LinkedIn profile, making a difference at a job interview, knowing the salary you can ask for and the nuances of the current job market. - Are you master of these?


Executive search

“Great vision without great people is irrelevant.’” (Jim Collins). Finding top talents and attracting them to join your company to build your success can be difficult. Make it easier!


Clients told

‘Adrienn has helped me on my way by her active listening and insightful questions. I value her observations shared. She is an attentive audience and helps to unveil the topics and issues with sharp questions.’
(Career coaching client)
‘Coaching can be a life changing experience and I would recommend it to anyone to try.’
(Career coaching client)
'I came to know Adrienn as an attentive coach. She helped me to get to know myself (although I never dreamt that there is anything hidden I have not been aware of). She got me to think deeply about myself and motivated me to change my ways that keep me from becoming successful in my job. She has also significantly improved my confidence and attitude as well. I’d recommend her to anyone sincerely!’
(Executive coaching client)
‘’Adrienn is a role-model of professionalism and empathy. She helped me with her vast experience to make my hard decision about changing my career after a decade. She has been an excellent advisor and added real value with her questions and ideas. She helped me to rethink and restructure my resume and my LinkedIn profile also for a higher quality presence in the labour market. Her direction to me was extremely helpful during the whole process.’’
(Career consultancy client)
She has been a great partner/recruitment consultant to HR, attentive to details, reliable, customer focused and very supportive. It was a pleasure working with her.’
(Executive search client)
Adrienn presents 'high-quality services' and generates 'enjoyable and trustworthy atmosphere during the whole selection process.'
(Executive search candidate)

I am discrete and fully aware and respect the sensitive nature of my services. Due to confidentiality issues, I do not share any client names. If you wish to know some of my clients that are not highly confidential, contact me!

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10 szó, amelyet vezetőként kerülnöd kell II. rész.

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